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21 Jun 2016
Official visit to His Majesty the King Mohammed VI of His Excellency Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda.
17 Jun 2016
Speech of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the installation ceremony of the members of the Board of the Mohammed VI Foundation cleric African
23 May 2016
BNP Paribas World Team Cup has started. [Tournament schedule & results]
16 May 2016
Seminar “MOROCCO, LOGISTICS HUB FOR AFRICA” will be held on 27th May.
28 April 2016
CEO of Casablanca Finance City Authority (CFCA) is visiting Japan for the road show to Japan.
19 April 2016
Morocco Team will enter BNP Paribas World Team Cup from 23 to 28 May 2016.
18 April 2016
Ambassador Mr. ARROUR participated in MBCJ’s NPO Event.
14 January 2016
Announcement: Moroccan Youth Participation
08 January 2016
Announcement: Commemoration of the 72nd anniversaire of Independence Manifesto
10 December 2015
Announcement: Registration of contact information
08 December 2015
Announcement of Elections in 2016
27 November 2015
Announcement of Answer of the Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding the Moroccan Sahara issue
09 November 2015
Speech of H.M. The King Mohammed VI on the 40th anniversary of the glorious Green March
04 November 2015
Speech of H.M. The King Mohammed VI at the opening session of the 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit
04 November 2015
Announcement: the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Green March (Marche Verte)
15 October 2015
Hejira New Year (1437) Letter
16 September 2015
Announcement: Renewal Electronic Driver License
19 August 2015
Avis : Commémoration du 62ème anniversaire de la Révolution du Roi et du Peuple
19 August 2015
Annoucement of International Hotline
13 August 2015
Elections 2015 Announcement
13 July 2015
The Registration for the 2015 Elections has started.
14 May 2015
Security Council Resolution 2218 (2015) has adopted.
24 April 2015
The English website is open!